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To give our customers only the best that they deserve, when optimizing their compressed air operations.


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Kelley McClellan

AP Energy / CALMS Air Inc.
Project Manager

I am a Project Manager for AP Energy with 23 years of experience in compressed air in service, auditing, and sales. I have a passion for making compressed air systems as efficient as possible, from supply to point of use.

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Prateek Gupta

AP Energy
M&V Engineer

I am an Energy Engineer with 4 years of experience in compressed air systems, energy efficiency modeling and energy savings projects. By leveraging advanced modeling tools and techniques, I strive to maximize energy savings while minimizing environmental impact, aligning with both economic and sustainability objectives.

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Ron Marshall

Marshall Compressed Air Consulting
Chief Auditor

I specialize in auditing compressed air systems and providing training. Throughout my career, I've dedicated myself to understanding the intricacies of compressed air usage in industrial settings, focusing on how to enhance system efficiency and reliability while minimizing energy consumption. My role as a compressed air auditor allows me to delve deep into the operational aspects of these systems, identifying areas where improvements can be made to both performance and energy use.


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Martin Staykov

Kammarton Rental Ltd
Owner and Managing Director

Working in the areas of designing and installing central vacuum systems, developing robotic welding systems, building compressor stations for compressed air and nitrogen, I have always been interested in business processes and their efficiency.

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Robert Agoston

Independent contractor
Energy Efficiency consultant, Compressed Air Auditor

I'm deeply immersed in the fascinating world of compressed air technology. With a background rooted in this specialized field, I've dedicated myself to becoming a trusted expert in all aspects of compressed air systems. From design and optimization to maintenance and troubleshooting, I bring a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience to the table.

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Rok Trelc

CALMS Air Inc.
Compressed Air Expert

With over a decade of in-depth experience in the compressed air industry, I am proficient in designing, optimizing, and maintaining compressed air systems for diverse applications. Currently holding the position of Compressed Air Expert at CALMS Air Inc., I focus on delivering energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

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Gorazd Bregar

CALMS Air Inc.

With 30 years of active involvement in the compressed air industry, I participated in and led numerous projects constructing new compressor stations and renovating old ones with an emphasis on energy efficiency. I have developed projects for controlling large turbo and screw compressor systems and electric driven flow controllers as part of master control for zone-based management. I have recently been involved with energy audits and the development of audit features in the CALMS platform. I am also the author of several professional articles in the field of compressed air and a lecturer at industry seminars on the topic.

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Piotr Kozakiewicz

7bar sp. z o.o. Poland
Head Engineer

My name is Piotr Kozakiewicz, and I work as the Head Engineer at 7bar Poland, a company I've been with for 11 years. During this time, I've worked as an auditor of compressed air systems, Technical Department Manager, and currently, I support our clients and our team in technical matters. I've implemented dozens of central control systems for compressors, and monitoring systems, and conducted many audits of compressed air production systems, leak detection, and flow measurements — in Poland and abroad.

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Tyge Filseth

AMA Trykkluft AS
Sales Engineer

With over two decades of expertise in compressed air management, I have dedicated my career to mastering the intricacies of compressed air systems and energy efficiency. My extensive experience encompasses both hands-on technical skills and strategic oversight, allowing me to optimize compressed air systems for enhanced performance and significant energy savings.

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Nina Bizjak

ERLIK d.o.o.

I specialize in solution implementation and management of projects related to compressed air systems. My goal is to help customers use less air, by making their systems more reliable, efficient and safe. I am proficient in demand side audit, compressed air leak survey, leak repair, leak management and ISO 50001 related project management. Identifying problems is only half the battle, so we focus on addressing a relevant gap between finding and successfully implementing solutions in customers processes.


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Achraf Zerhouni

SCOPP Solutions
Industrial Solutions Director / CEO

With 24 years in Mining and Petroleum, I hold an Industrial Engineering degree and an Executive MBA. I founded SCOPP Solutions 11 years ago, specializing in Energy Efficiency Solutions like EMS, Compressed Air Services, and Digitalisation for various sectors including Cement, Mining, and Automotive. We operate mainly in North & West Africa, extending our expertise across the continent to enhance energy sustainability and efficiency.

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Mathew Mwenga

Ren Engineering Solutions
Managing Director

I am managing director at Ren Engineering Solutions an engineering and energy services company that provides compressed solutions in Eastern Africa. I have over 18 years of experience as an engineer spanning compressor maintenance, compressed air energy audits and drilling optimization in the upstream oil and gas industry. I specialize in compressed air system design, equipment and pipework installation, energy audits, quality testing, training, system optimization and monitoring.


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Warwick Rampley

Compressed Air Alliance

We are a leading provider of innovative compressed air solutions, products, services and training. Our mission is to provide customers with the highest quality, cost-effective solutions to meet their compressed air needs. We believe in the reduction and elimination of compressed waste and the reduction in compressed air system energy use within manufacturing facilities worldwide.


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Kiron Pande

Kiron Pande Consultancy
Compressed Air Consultant

Worked in industry for more than 40 years, out of which about 25 years in compressed air solutions domain. After acquiring training in USA, developed expertise in providing compressed air demand side and supply side solutions in a variety of industry sectors in Southeast & Northeast Asia, Middle East, Europe, and USA through plant system assessments directly or through partners. Have played leading role in development of products and / or markets for compressed air solutions including flow controllers, compressor sequencers, online real-time monitoring systems, aluminium piping, heat recovery systems, boosters, screw compressors, high speed air-bearing turbo blowers, etc.