The easiest and most effective way to control compressed air system pressure and flow with an online monitoring application.

The CAEMS Flow Controller (CFC) & Compressed Air Control System controls Compressors and the airflow/pressure being delivered thereby reducing artificial demand in the Plant.

CFC is a flow control valve used with CAEMS CS-x box for regulation and online optimisation purpose. By performing a CALMS CFC analysis on a compressed air system, the lowest possible operating air pressure will be learned. Using this calculation, big enough storage and CFCs unique ability to meter compressed air at constant pressure, overall demand-side pressure can be lowered. By lowering demand-side pressure, leaks will consume less compressed air, thus saving considerable energy.

Average SAVINGS 8%, possible savings of up to 15% !


  • Available Flow from 10 to 82 m3/min – standard configuration
  • The only flow controller with flowmeter function
  • Online monitoring and analysis application available with remote Setup
  • No dry air needed.
  • Power supply and regulation connection to CAEMS CS box with 24 Vdc
  • CAEMS box with PLC regulates PID loop for the valve
  • Ambient Operating Conditions: 2 to 50 degC
  • Inlet / Outlet connection with ANSI Flange rated 16 bar.
  • Bypass regulating valve with a normally open position – Fail-Safe
  • Programmable Pressure Setpoints Schedules (standard 4 PSP)
  • Special function for Dryer protection – Limit Fill-up procedure
  • Manual Open/Close switch

CFC Specification