Coca-Cola’s bottling plant, running three separate PET lines simultaneously, aimed for an enhanced compressed air production system. This sophisticated operation required intricate solutions to achieve optimal efficiency, especially given that each PET machine operated at different pressure bands according to the bottle size being processed.

The Challenge

With the upgrade of the high-pressure compressor station feeding the PET machines, there arose multiple challenges:

  • Integrate the two existing compressors with a new PET compressor and master control system.
  • Ensure the working pressures adapt according to the type and size of the bottle produced, especially as two machines ran simultaneously but produced different size bottles.
  • Develop a control and monitoring system that accommodated different brands and models of compressors, while preparing compressed air of varying pressures for all three PET machines simultaneously.

The CALMS Solution

The robust CALMS PFSC control system and permanent monitoring system came into play post the compressor station’s upgrade in May 2021.

  • Multi-Brand Integration: Leveraging our unique capabilities to create custom control solutions, we successfully integrated compressors of varying makes into a coherent system.
  • Real-time Monitoring: Our permanent compressed air management system consistently monitors efficiency online, comparing it to the best industry standards. Necessary adaptations can be made instantly in response to shifting demands.
  • Dual Pressure Control: Using two high-pressure CALMS CFC valves, the CALMS control system caters to both PET production lines with the exact pressure they require. A recipe system ensures correct pressure setting, with an operator override feature for emergency situations.


The integration of the CALMS solution bore significant results:

  • On-time, On-Budget Implementation: Successfully introduced a control system for three varied brand machines without overshooting timelines or budget.
  • Dual Pressure Control: The plant now can maintain different pressures simultaneously for different machines.
  • Leakage Management: A bonus feature of the CALMS system was its leak management suite. Immediate alerts were sent when leaks were detected, leading to rapid repairs. This resulted in notable savings, as the estimated yearly leakage cost stood at a significant €32,000.


“The CALMS solution seamlessly integrated with our infrastructure, not only fulfilling our initial requirements but surpassing them by detecting and managing leaks. We’ve observed significant efficiency improvements and cost savings.” - Coca-Cola Zagreb

This case study highlights the transformative capabilities of the CALMS solution in a complex PET bottling environment, ensuring both efficiency and cost savings.