We are thrilled to have had the privilege of collaborating with Cinkarna Celje on a significant project involving their largest compressed air system. This system, which is comprised of three 800kW Centac compressors with 6.3kV main motors, is a vital component of Cinkarna Celje’s operations.

Upon request from our client, we conducted a comprehensive audit of the system and implemented the newest version of the CAL-EDGE-0 (Compressor Analysis and Life Monitoring System) device to gather data from all three compressors via MODBUS protocol. This data includes crucial metrics such as IV (inlet valve) and BV (bypass valve) regulation, electric current, and readings for pressure, temperature, and vibration from both stages.

Photograph of the CAL-EDGE-O gathering information and transferring it to the cloud.

As the next step, a second device was installed, which was connected to three FCI ST98 flowmeters using a 4-20mA signal splitter. With it, a thorough examination of the system’s running and power hours was made, which provided us with a deep understanding of its performance.

Overview of gathered data on the Calms platform.

All of the data is available in the cloud for further analysis. Our auto-analyzing software examined and will keep examining data to try and identify new saving opportunities which will further lower the bottom line.

We are confident that the solutions we have implemented will lead to improved outcomes. The use of modern technologies such as the CALMS system allows us to continuously provide the highest level of service to our clients, ensuring that their operations run smoothly.

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